Real Reason Why We Deleted Each Others Photos – Femi Adebayo Speak On Break-Up Rumors [Video]

There have been reports from different online media that the second marriage of actor Femi Adebayo was going down the drain.

Meanwhile, the reports did not stem out of a vacuum. It started after some very observant followers realized that the photos of the couple especially the recent ones from Tayo’s birthday had disappeared from Femi’s page.

A closer look also showed that Tayo Adebayo had also in followed her husband on IG, these are some of the steps to celebrity break ups in the industry, hence the fear that this one year old marriage was heading for the rocks.

Well, the couple do not think so, to debunk it, they shared a video of themselves in their home having fun and laughing about so many things including the recent ‘updates’.

The one minute video shows Femi Adebayo been attended to by a Barber while his wife stood by him as she recorded a selfie video.

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