Saidi Balogun And Ex-wife, Fathia Balogun Are Back Together

You might be hearing this here first! Report confirm that estranged lovers, Saidi Balogun and Fathia Balogun may be coming back together, and if not already back together IN SECRET.

  • Hours back, Mercy Aigbe’s 40th birthday party went viral not only because it was graced by top Nollywood acts but because of the Saidia and Fathia’s sudden display of interest between themselves.

In fact, the press and outsiders were left speechless and baffled because they were all “mushy-mushy” and they just couldn’t let themselves go. Love rules you know!

It got to a point where Saidi couldn’t contain himself anymore that he just couldn’t stop spray cash on his ex, Fathia whilst she was dancing beautifully. Maybe, just maybe they didn’t know the press will single them out for a piece.

An inside source which we contacted, said they have been in speaking terms for months and not only that, have been visiting themselves and sending gifts to and fro.

Also, the source can authoritatively say that they are dating, and may get re-married any time soon. Well, I guess, it finally paid that Fathia didn’t abandon Saidi’s last name after all.

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