Saraki: What Nigerians should expect from N’Assembly in 2017

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The Senate President said the senators achieved more in the last three months than they did in the entire year.

The Senate president said the federal lawmakers would focus on making more laws that will promote the economy, enhance the budget process and support the fight against corruption.

According to Today, Dr. Saraki gave this indication while speaking with State House correspondents after his meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential villa, Abuja yesterday.

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Saraki said: “In 2017, our attention will be on the economy because that is really a major issue for us as a country. We want to see some of the economic bills put forward passed, to see that there is greater improvement in the budget process in 2017, and to see that the government implements the budget early.”

“Also, one of our pet projects is made-in-Nigeria products. We want to see that government continues to support Nigerians in this area so that we can begin to cushion the difficult times Nigerians are going through.”

“So, next year is very important to us and I think, on the part of National Assembly, we will continue to give our support to ensure that the right things are done,” he said.

He further noted that the senators achieved more in the last three months than they did in the entire year, adding that the National Assembly is settling down and, as such, Nigerians would see many more bills passed for the president to assent, as reported by Today.

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On the president’s signing of 17 bills into law, Saraki said, “It shows, in part, what we have been able to do in the National Assembly and there are many more bills to come and the president is also responding to them. You are going to see more of that in 2017; there are a lot of bills lined up.”

Written by Osiri Ndukwe


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