Scientists reveal how you can use your index finger to know “if your girlfriend is cheating”

According to scientists, it has been revealed that you can meet a deceptive woman by looking at your index finger.

A study has shown that women with long index fingers on their left hands are more likely to have issues.

The findings have surprised scientists since having a longer index finger is associated with having more typical female characteristics.

The longer index finger and the shorter ring finger have been linked to exposure to higher levels of female s-x hormones in the uterus.

It was assumed that women who were “more feminized” would be more likely to be satisfied with their romantic relationships and be less impulsive.

Being more exposed to the hormone s-x estrogen in the uterus causes the index fingers of women to grow more than their ring finger.

Conversely, being exposed to more of the male hormone testosterone s-x in the uterus has a more “masculinizing” effect and results in a longer ring finger and a shorter index finger.

It has been found that men with ring fingers longer than index fingers are better athletes.

Eiluned Pearce, of the University of Oxford, carried out the research that was published in the Royal Society Journal.

He took finger length measurements from 274 volunteer women and also took samples of his DNA.

They also completed psychological tests on the quality of their relationship.

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He found that “women with a higher proportion of digits of the left hand (more feminine) are more impulsive and describe their romantic relationships less favorably.” He added that the finding is “intriguing, because you might expect the opposite.”

In the research work, she speculates that women with the highest proportion of index finger to ring finger are likely to be “more feminized” and more sought after by men.

Because they know they have many options, “this could be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners” and this could lead to adventures, or as scientists call “opportunistic mating” and “impulsive” with men who are not her husband. or couple

The two main strategies in s-x are “opportunistic pairing”, in other words, having many launches and a strategy “focused on long-term commitment”.

She writes that “If women with a more feminized morphology [body shape] have a higher” partner value “, this could be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners, leading to impulsive extra-pair matings and searching alternative couples. ”

The researchers also looked at the relationship between the length of the index finger and the ring finger in men, but found no connection to the quality of the relationship.
Last month’s research found that women whose ring fingers are longer than their index digits are more likely to be lesbians.

Researchers from the University of Essex observed pairs of identical twins where one of the brothers was heterosexual.

They found that the homosexual twin tended to have a greater difference between the length of his index finger and the ring finger, with the difference more pronounced among women.

Previous research has indicated that exposure to the male hormone testosterone in the uterus could be linked to differences in finger length and also to sexuality.

The index and annular fingers of women tend to have a similar length, while in men there is a greater difference.

Both men and women are exposed to the “male” testosterone hormone in the womb.

The study found that in 18 couples of twins, the lesbian twin had more “male” hands than her heterosexual sister.

In 14 sets of male twins, the gay twin had a little more “male” hands than his heterosexual brother, but the difference between the two was not considered significant.

A graph indicated that the index finger of non-straight women was generally about 90 to 100 percent as long as the ring finger.

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