See how my mother always check if my virginity was intact till I marry – Tope Alabi


How do you make sure that misunderstandings with your husband at work don’t go home with you?

We often take some of them home. At times, we have misunderstandings on stage. He usually frowns at me whenever I don’t get something right on stage, and sometimes, he communicates with me using the piano. He also doesn’t like it when I talk too much on stage. He often tells me to greet people briefly and go straight to my song delivery. In cases like that, I always apologise first because I like saying sorry.

How do you like to dress?

I like to look good. You shouldn’t say that because you are a Christian, you wouldn’t look good; things have to be balanced. I like to wear good outfits, and they don’t have to be so expensive. My father was a tailor and I know how to design clothes. Sometimes, I sketch the attire I want and give it to the tailor to make it.

How do you unwind?

Sometimes, my husband and I travel to be alone together for some days. During that time, I would sleep well and go for massages. I also love to watch movies and play table tennis.

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