See Photo of British Charity Worker Killed in Nigeria After Being Kidnapped

A British charity worker has been killed after he, alongside others were kidnapped by suspected militants in the Niger Delta.

[caption id="attachment_34295" align="aligncenter" width="620"] The late Ian Squire (Photo:Guardian UK)[/caption]

A British hostage kidnapped last month in southern Nigeria has been killed and three others freed, the Foreign Office has confirmed. Ian Squire was one of four Britons taken by suspected militants on 13 October from the oil-rich Delta area.

The British High Commission and Nigerian authorities negotiated the release of Alanna Carson, David Donovan and Shirley Donovan. The FCO said it had been a “traumatic time” for those involved.

It said the Nigerian authorities were investigating the kidnapping, adding: “Our staff will continue to do all we can to support the families.”

British charity workers

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