See the pastor’s daughter who kills her own baby only 2 days after giving birth

It came like a bolt from nowhere when the policemen knocked on the door of the Yebaah family and informed them of the intention to arrest their 20-year-old daughter for murder. The accusation, serious as it was, was irrefutable.

The suspect, Success Paul Yebaah, the daughter of a pastor, allegedly murdered his two-day daughter on October 18, 2018, after the surprising discovery that the boyfriend who put her in the family’s way had disappeared.

At 8 o’clock at night, under the cover of darkness, Yebaah had left the baby in a dumpster near the house of a baby without a mother in No 20 Haileze Street, Asokoro. Unknown to her, her hospital card had fallen to the ground, only to be picked up by a good Samaritan who alerted the patrol officers.

After recovering the baby’s body, the police went to the General Hospital with the card. Later they accessed the medical record, called the telephone number that was in the file and were taken to the door of the culprit. Success Paul Yebaah was arrested on October 20 and the case was transferred to the State Homicide Section, State Criminal Investigation Department.

The suspect briefly related the series of actions that led to her current situation.

“I attended Crown High School, Masaka. I met my boyfriend Chimobi Nkola in 2017 and we had s * x, but I did not know I was pregnant for him. My father did not know I was pregnant. I did not attend prenatal care until I began to have pain in my body, I was rushed to the Asokoro General Hospital and I had a baby on October 16th. My parents were surprised that I was pregnant.

“I took the two-day-old baby to my boyfriend’s house and discovered that he had packed away from the house, I was disappointed and almost fainted.” On October 18, I tied the baby’s mouth and legs and threw it into the baby. Trash that was outside the house of babies without a mother, and I left, thinking that a good Samaritan will find the baby. ”

Family members and neighbors were surprised by the crime perpetrated by Yebaah. Some of those who spoke with Saturday Sun called her to pray to God to forgive their sin. When contacted by Saturday Sun, the Police Commissioner, Mr. Bala Ciroma confirmed that the suspect will be charged to the court soon for murder.

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