Some Google Pixel, Pixel XL Users Report Interface Freezing Issues

This is not the first issue that Google Pixel users have faced
For now, there’s no clarity on when a fix will arrive
Previous issues included problems with Bluetooth, LTE connectivity

After Bluetooth pairing, LTE connectivity, freezing camera app, and audio distortion issues, some Google Pixel phone users are reporting problems where their smartphone hangs and freezes from anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes – even resulting in the disappearance of an onscreen navigation component.

The Google Pixel, Pixel XL interface freezing issue appears to be related to the software on board, and some users reported their problems were solved by uninstalling the Life360 third-party app. However, other users that reported this problem had never installed the aforementioned app, and thus the issue doesn’t appear to be centred on a single app’s performance.

While there have been several responses from Google representatives on the company’s product forums – where the issue was reported – no exact cause or fix timeline for the Pixel, Pixel XL freezing issue has yet been provided.

The most recent issue being reported by Google Pixel, Pixel XL phone users is said to be distorted audio when media is played back at high volumes. The audio issue is thought to be independent of the output source of the sound, and presents itself even when the phone is connected to speakers.

As for LTE connectivity issues, Google with the Android 7.1.1 Nougat rolled out a fix for Pixel, Pixel XL smartphones. It shortly after released yet another Android 7.1.1 Nougat build with the aim to resolve the problem.

Getting to the camera freezing issue, a hard reboot is seen to fix the problem for some users – while others don’t see the reboot making a difference.

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