Tears Flow: Goodbye, It’s All A Game, Poems For Moms And More Highlights From Day 42 At The BBNaija2018 House



Day 42 at the BB Naija 2018 House had a lot of rejoicing and somber mood for the housing who were not sure of their fate at the end of the day. Still, they carried on to with peace in their hearts for whatever the day throws at them.

Here are the interesting things that happened on Day 41 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

The End Of The Road For Lifu

At the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show, the pair that lost their race for the prize was Lifu ( Leo and Ifu Ennada). The pair though odd was able to come on top twice, making their pair a not so bad one.

The Lifu pair came unexpectedly but both constituents gave an absolute maximum to make it work. Their collaborative efforts made it possible for them to bag the Pepsi mega price despite all the world war three worthy controversy. They were also part of Team Blue, the bunch that managed to knit their brains together and comes up with a concept that was convincing enough to win them the Heritage Bank Task. Their graceful display of maturity and strategic intelligence has seen them this far into the competition. A well-deserved kudos to them.

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