Truck falls off Ojuelegba bridge, crushes several motorists, pedestrians

A truck on Tuesday fell off Ojuelegba bridge, crushing some motorists and pedestrians who were passing under the bridge.

NigerianEye gathered that the incident, which happened at about 8.30pm, saw the truck veer off its tracks before tumbling down the bridge like a pack of badly stacked cards.

At the scene of the incident, it was pure bedlam as some people tried to scamper for safety, while some others at the same time, attempted to rescue those trapped.

According to reports, the driver was trying to navigate the bend on the bridge when its gravity first pulled the body of the truck down and its head followed.

Upon landing, it fell on some cars including a commercial bus and some pedestrians who were walking on the busy road.

One of the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said two people had been reported dead.

He explained that three commuters had been rescued, adding that the operation was ongoing.

NigerianEye learnt that part of the problem was that some tanker drivers had already taken possession of one part of the road as their park, thus forcing other motorists to only one lane.

With this incident, it brings to a total of four of such cases whereby tankers and trucks have fallen off the Ojuelegba Bridge in two years.

More details later.

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