Unbelievable: A Teenage Girl Was Forced to Have sex With 110 Men in One Day

A British woman has spoken about the six years she spent as a teenage sex slave in Greece and Italy.

Now 25, Megan Stevens – not her real name – says she was forced into sex work by her boyfriend aged only 14.

On one occasion, she said she was forced to have sex with 110 customers in just 22 hours and became so sick afterwards that her pimp closed the brothel.

“I thought that was decent of him which shows just how distorted my sense of normality had become,” she said.


She said her troubles began while on holiday in Greece with her mother, when she met an Albanian man called Jak in a seaside bar.

While her mother, who was struggling with alcoholism, began a relationship with the bar owner, 14-year-old Megan quickly moved in with Jak.

He persuaded her to join him in Athens and get jobs in cafes. On arrival, she was forced into sex work, according to the Guardian.
Before long she was handed over to other pimps and worked in brothels and on streets across Greece and Italy.

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