Unbelievable!!! “I Just Saw The Man That R@ped Me After Many Years” – Nigerian Lady (Photos)


Twitter user @human_mannequin has her quite saddening story of how she ran into a man who r@ped her when she was just 11 years old.

According to Twitter user, whose name is Jessica, she said upon sighting the man, she just stood there looking at him walk away with a pretty lady and three kids who could be his family.


Probably, the said man might have seen her but she said he didn’t recognize her as he was all smiles and looking happy. Jessica, a strong woman, who has definitely not let that trauma at such young age, hit her, wished the man the best and hopes he’s changed.

She shared on Twitter:


Just saw d man dat r@ped me afta so many years, he was walking with a pretty lady & 3 kids. He didn’t recognize me. He had a happy ending ?

No it didn’t obviously, he’s married and he had a good smile on his face.. Well, I’m still happy for him

I really do not want his kids to go through what I did, if anything at least not r@pe…

Yeah, I really hope he’s changed too.

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