Unbelievable!!! Nigerians Boo Senator Dino Melaye Off Stage at London’s Notting Hill Carnival (Photo+Video)

Senator Dino Melaye has been embarrassed at the London’s Notting Hill Carnival after he was booed off stage.

Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi state was left embarrassed after he was booed off the stage while addressing Nigerian carnival goers at London’s Notting Hill Carnival on Monday, August 28, 2017.
Nigerians at the carnival called him ole (thief) as they interrupted his speech. He said, “I congratulate Nigerians, and I say there’s no country like Nigeria. And for those of you who are here, you better come back home because very soon, by the grace of God, we’ll be greater.”
Some Nigerians have criticized the senator for his outlandish way of life as many questioned the source of his income prior to him becoming a Senator. They accused him of being corrupt and among the elite enriching themselves from the nation’s resources.
Watch video below:

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