Unbelievable : North Korean Leader, Kim Brutally Executes 11 Musicians Using Anti-aircraft Guns

A 26-year-old daughter of an army colonel in North Korea has narrated how Kim Jong-un brutally murdered 11 musicians with anti-aircraft guns.

Kim Jong-un’s brutal regime has been revealed by a North Korean defector (Photo:AP)
A defector from North Korea, Hee Yeon Lim has described how North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered execution of anyone who dared to cross him, including the brutal murder of 11 musicians using anti-aircraft guns.
According to YahooNews, Lim further alleged that the North Korean leader picks teenage girls to become his s*x slaves. Hee Yeon Lim, 26, the daughter of an army colonel, lived a privileged life in North Korean capital Pyongyang, where she was exposed to Jong-un’s reign of terror.

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