Wait! Want to Sell Your Android Phone Today? Checkout What To Do Before Giving It Away

Supposing a new Android phone has caught your eye — maybe the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 — and you want to get on the boat as soon as possible.

You will need to sell your old phone in order to make up some of the money you’re spending on that new device, but luckily there are a number of options available.

We’re going to get you through some of the best practices out there for preparing your Android phone or tablet for sending off, and some places for sale that would best suit your needs, as highlighted by

Remove SIM and SD cards

First, you’ll want to take out the SIM card and SD memory card from your phone. These are important pieces of hardware that you don’t want to leave in your phone when you ship it off to the buyer. Your SIM card is what enables your phone to take calls and it is associated with your data plan. You’ll need it for your new phone, anyway. Often, you’ll need a paperclip or similarly slim poking implement to open a SIM card tray, but sometimes it will be behind the rear casing of your phone by the battery. The exact method will vary by device.

Not every phone or tablet will have an SD memory card slot, but you will often find them alongside your SIM card slot. Memory cards will often store your photos and music, though the device itself has its own storage too.

Use either your phone’s native file manager or a third party one to look into the folder where downloads, music, and photos may have been saved. From there, you should be able to copy them to your SD card before taking it out. You’ll want to check to make sure all of your important files are saved, so be sure to back up your data as well.

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