We have killed over killed 798 insurgents in 17 months

About 798 Boko Haram insurgents have been killed in the last 17 months in the North.

About 326 others are in the custody of the military, it was learnt yesterday.

However, about 96 soldiers and seven members of the Civilian Joint Task Force were killed within the same time. No fewer than 216 troops were injured.

Besides, about 382 insurgents surrendered to troops and 326 others were arrested.

Apart from clearing 840 villages, 492 assorted weapons, including AK 47 rifles, FN rifles, GPMG, AMG and RPGS, were either recovered or captured, along with 47 Dane guns and 4 x 36 hand grenades.

It was also learnt that the military has taken the battle to the insurgents in the Sambisa Forest and the Mandara Mountain general area in the border with Cameroon.

These are part of the fact-sheet presented at an appraisal session in Abuja with members of Rotary Club International (District 9125) by Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj-Gen. Roger Nicholas.

According to the paper, obtained by The Nation, the summary of the attacks include deliberate operations against Boko Haram and those on military locations by the insurgents.

Gen. Nicholas said: “A total of 122 attacks on own locations by BHT were recorded from January 2017 to May 2018, with 80 troops killed and 171 wounded.

“It is however pertinent to note that during these attacks, 427 BHT were killed, 53 of their vehicles destroyed, 492 assorted weapons cutting across AK 47 rifles, FN rifles, GPMG, AMG and RPGS were either recovered or captured, along with 47 Dane guns and 4 x 36 hand grenades.

“Similarly, formations’ and units’ deployments were adjusted to strangulate and further dislocate the BHT to deny them completely, any freedom of action within the Nigerian territory.”

The fact-sheet gave separate details of how the troops took the battle to the insurgents and the effectiveness of the campaign.

The commander said: “The operational activities of Operation Lafiya Dole involve offensive, defensive and blocking operations. These operations have contributed immensely in decimating the BHTs capabilities, cohesion, will power and the propensity to conduct a successful attack on own troops locations.

“The defensive operations on the other hand have ensured that our troops dominate vital grounds in the entire Theatre of operations.

“Blocking forces are positioned in specific Named Areas of Interest (NAI) to intercept, block or further neutralise fleeing BHTs from own engagement areas. Additionally, Forward Operating Bases (FOBS) are established close to areas with prevalent BHT activities to ensure quick response of our troops to such areas.

“So far, from January 2017 – May 2018, a total of 175 deliberate Operations against the BHT were conducted. In these operations a total of 840 villages were cleared with 371 BHT killed.

“However, during the operations, 16 troops were killed and 45 others injured, with seven CJTF also killed. Similarly, a total of 326 BHT suspects were arrested and 382 surrendered to our troops within the same period under review. ”

According to Nicholas, the insurgents, who were becoming frustrated, had resorted more to the use of IEDs.

He said collaboration with Chadian Forces, Cameroonian Defence Forces (CDF) and Nigerien Forces had stepped up the battle against Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest, Mandara Mountains and common borders.

The commander confirmed arms proliferation and cross-border terrorists’ movements in the Northeast.

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