A female presidential aspirant on the platform of Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN) Dr Elishama Ideh has stated she is challenging President Muhammadu Buhari for the number one seat because Nigeria needs a new direction and vibrant leadership.

She said the challenges facing the country were attributable to prolonged crisis of leadership and dysfunctional governance arising from weak and non- existent institutions.

Addressing reporters in Abuja, she also fingered flawed constitutional frameworks that allow the powerful get away with serious breaches as another reason for the nation’s challenges.

Contemporary Nigeria, according to Ideh, needs a different kind of leadership that combines integrity with intelligence and a deep understanding of the implications of the 21st global political economy.

She said: “Nigeria needs a leader who combines a no- nonsense strength of character and the moral authority to get things done in an efficient and timely manner with the compassion of a mother for her children as well as for the weak and the down trodden in our society.

“At this critical point in her journey, Nigeria needs a leader whose own personal life journey in the service of God and man is capable of inspiring a generation of Nigerians to imbibe habits and carry out actions of distinction”.

She further said she has seen faces of Nigeria’s past, present and future, adding she has strived to reach for workable solutions to problems and challenges peculiar to the time and place of each her engagement.

Ideh promised to reform the nation’s revenue generation and allocation structure, including federal tax regimes if elected President.

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