Why we must document Benin historical facts, culture (Must Read)

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i “This book will help strengthen some of the historical facts that some people have tried in recent times to bend. You cannot bend history.

History has to be told as it is and I believe that all those who will have the opportunity to read this book, will be satisfied that  aspects of our history have been properly straigtened and that all other moves to bring other things into it are not allowed to stand,” he stated. Explaining that he started authoring books after he decided to quit partisan politics in 2003, Chief Edebiri disclosed that he had written eight books since then, adding that history of Benin Kingdom was so unique and must not be adulterated. “I am not a bonafide author as such, I came into authorship when in 2003 I decided to step aside from active partisan activities. I have been active an politician for an unbreakable period of 50 years.

So when it came to 2003 after the election which I regarded was entirely floored with irregularities, I thought it was high time I quit active politics. “During this period of 50 years, I held several political positions in the Midwest. In fact,  I started in 1953 with my election as the General  Secretary of the NCNC Youth association.

And when I was stepping aside in 2003, 50 years after, I was the South senatorial leader of the ANPP and a member of the Elders Council of the ANPP. Though I decided to step out of active politics but I  did not say then that I was quitting politics.”

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