Withdrawal Method, Sterilization & More: Here’s How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

There is no doubt that children are priceless gifts from God and their coming brings joy to the parents. However, when there are too many children, more than what parents could cater, it becomes a problem. This is why family planning or birth control, as a way of ensuring that couple have the number of children they would conveniently take care of, was devised.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that family planning is a way of thinking and living adopted voluntarily on the basis of knowledge, attitude and responsible decisions by individuals and couples in order to promote the health and welfare of the family. It is also the arrangement, spacing and limitation of the children in a family, depending on the wishes and social circumstances of the parents. It is the planning of when to have children and the use of birth control and other techniques to implement such plans.

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